Xara Skin Clinic Laser and Beauty Salon Sydney is Open Again

Xara Skin Clinic Laser and Beauty Salon Sydney is Open Again

Xara Skin Clinic Laser and Beauty Salon Sydney is Open Again

After three months of closure due to corona-19 government shutdowns, we have reopened. We started the year out with a bang, we were getting more customers each week and then bang. We were told we must close down due to the virus, not a particularly good day for us. I am not sure even if what the government asked us to do was even legal. Nevertheless, we closed the shop.

While closed

While the shop was closed, we took the opportunity to clean the shop. The very room was washed with oxygenated bleach and then painted. We also opened the entryway up to let more light in. I must say we are very happy with the results.

In the three months, we were closed the building works at The Canopy continued.

Xara Skin Clinic Birdwood Lane across from The Canopy

The Canopy opens on 13 June 2020

The building works are due to finish on 13 June 2020 and we can’t wait to see the backs of the workers.

We are open

Now the clinic is open this week has been a good week for us. We have carried out many fat-freezing sessions. I think a few of our customers have been snaking while at home. But a few sessions of fat freezing will do more than a few hours at the gym. Even if you could go to the gym, they are still closed.

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Why not visit Xara Skin Clinic, there are 500 free car parks across the lane way from us.

If you are after picosecond laser tattoo removal, skincare and beauty, skin tightening or face lifts we have you covered. Come and see us, book online or over the phone.

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