Why google searches suck big time, here is the solution

Why google searches suck big time, here is the solution

Why google searches suck big time, here is the solution

Why do google searches suck big time, here is the solution. After the December update to Google search, it can’t seem to find a virgin in a nunnery. Yes, that is right after years of producing the worst search results year after year. After the latest Google search update Google search results are now useless. I am not sure if the latest update was an update that they screwed up or if they just want to go out of business?

Before the update

If someone rang my phone, I could search the number to see if it was worth my while to ring them back. Now the search just comes back with rubbish. I am sure you have noticed the same thing if you have Google as your search provider.

To big

What is the problem? Well, I think they have just gotten too big for their boots. This is why I would encourage all to write to their local members and say Google should be split up. Yes, remove pay from clicks from the searches, split you tube away or make them sell it. Making them a much smaller company. OH, and make them pay for content from social media, news and your content.

Can’t even contact them

Yes, that is right, you can’t even contact your local country office. The phone just rings out and there is no email address. I even had a friend on Google try and get me an email address and even he could not. What sort of company is it that thinks they are above being contacted? Well, I think the courts will be able to find them and we will sue them for damages.

The solution

Dump them as a search engine and change it to a better one. Remove Google as a search engine and replace it with better search engines.


  • Google’s search is not finding relevant results
  • Google search sucks Google sucks big time no Google results
  • a lot of people are finding search terms are not working
  • Google sucks and so do Google’s search results
  • OH, and did I forget to mention Google sucks? some times I miss these things, must be old age


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