Why does the whole world have to suffer from China’s one child policy

Why does the whole world have to suffer from China’s one child policy

Why does the whole world have to suffer from China’s one-child policy

It seems the spot little children of China have grown up. Not in maturity but in size, now the whole world has to suffer from the spot little brats. All you need to do is look at the behaviour of those in power. If they don’t get what they want they have a hussy spit. Rather like a two-year-old, but these are adults, that have grown up. All you need to do is look at the media and you can see what I mean. A county is full of children running the country.

From the link above “But the aftermath of the One Child Policy is far more than a dwindling workforce. It is one of suffering. Its legacy has reached into the wombs of expectant mothers who have been forced to have abortions. The One Child Policy has sparked one of the worst trafficking crises in the modern world as refugees, many from North Korea, are taken by force to be married to Chinese men who cannot find wives.”


“Eight years after the world’s most populous nation put its controversial family planning program into effect, limiting most couples to one child, one of the most conspicuous results has been the rise of a generation of “little emperors,” who in the West would be known as spoiled brats.”


“The little emperor syndrome (or little emperor effect) is an aspect/view of Mainland China‘s one-child policy where children of the modern upper class and wealthier Chinese families gain seemingly excessive amounts of attention from their parents and grandparents. Combined with increased spending power due to China’s growing economic strength within the family unit and parents’ general desire for their children to experience the benefits they were denied, the phenomenon is generally considered to be controversial. The British journalist Andrew Marshall even argues that it is shaping modern Chinese society in unexpected ways[1] that may culminate into a future “behavioural time-bomb”.[2]

Little emperors were primarily an urban phenomenon. The one-child policy generally only applied to urban communities and, given the value of labour, one-child families are not prevalent within rural communities. Economic development has not had as large of an impact outside of urban locations.”


“In China, which had a strict Chinese government one-child policy for decades, news stories involving children can garner a huge amount of interest. On 28 April, a CCTV camera in a bus in the town of Suining, Sichuan province, captured images of a man hitting a little boy after the child pestered him. The video went viral, triggering a large response on social media and even becoming front-page news in Chinese media. In China, the phenomenon of ‘little brats’ has sparked debate.”


The alarming image of a young boy ferociously attacking his mother for refusing to buy him a toy was captured by a passerby in Beijing.

The boy grabs her by the throat and yanks her hair. She fends him off, but not before a tantrum.

Photographs of the attack posted online swept Chinese internet blogs and discussion forums.

Bloggers say the boy’s behaviour shows how the Asian superpower’s one-child per-family law is nurturing a nation of spoilt brats treated like “little emperors” by their parents.

The photographer said: “She bought him a puppet and then he wanted another puppet – so she bought that – then he saw more puppets and wanted those as well.”

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Why does the whole world have to suffer from China’s one-child policy?

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