Sun age liver spot birthmark freckle removal Sydney laser

Sun age liver spot birthmark freckle removal sydney laser

Sun age liver spot birthmark freckle removal Sydney laser

If you have pigmentation problems such as freckles, birthmarks, or sunspots you need pigmentation removal experts. Xara Skin Clinic is the expert in pigmentation removal problems. They have the very latest in picosecond laser treatments. Whereas other clinics struggle to remove freckles in 5 or 10 treatments. Xara Skin Clinic can do it in less, why? Because they invest in the latest high-tech lasers and other equipment. The picosecond laser is more than four times the price of a nanosecond laser. You could buy a luxury car for the money and all to remove a few freckles.

The freckle removal laser

Why would you spend that much money on a laser? Because the laser does what other lasers can’t do. Because the power is delivered in such a short period the power can be much higher. The higher the power the pigmentation removal effect is greater. The science behind it is to use a laser beam to smash the melanin into little pieces. The body then gets rid of it through the metabolic process, it comes out the other end. So, higher power means less damage to the skin but more effective treatment.

Some of the treatments

Here are some of the treatments the Xara Skin Clinic and Beauty Salon treatments can do.

There are far more treatments this fantastic laser can do like fractional laser treatments and much more.

Does it hurt?

No, it’s nothing like waxing, really I don’t know why people do it when there are laser hair removal treatments. But I guess that’s another story, for another day. To answer the question, it’s a bit like someone else’s kid it’s fine for the first six hours but after that you want it to stop.

Sun age liver spot birthmark freckle removal laser treatments in Lane Cove. Why not visit them today?

They are located in Lane Cove across the lane from The Canopy shopping centre. With more than 1500 car parks in the Lane Cove shopping centre, parking should not be a problem.

What we do

  • remove age spots and liver spots from sun exposure
  • laser hair removal
  • remove sun spots from sun damage
  • skin treatments skin tightening
  • skin pigmentation laser pigmentation removal
  • LED light therapy
  • skin care free consultation
  • treatments for most skin type
  • pigmented lesions brown spots
  • chemical peels skin treatments
  • acne scars, acne scarring
  • vein removal
  • and much more

What we don’t do

  • anti-wrinkle injections dermal fillers lip, because we have better treatments
  • skin needling, because skin needling is invasive and takes weeks to heal

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