Picosecond laser pigmentation removal Sydney #1 safe effective

Picosecond laser pigmentation removal Sydney #1 safe effective

Picosecond laser pigmentation removal Sydney #1 safe effective

If you are after the safest and most effective laser treatments in Sydney. Do not overlook Xara Skin Clinic in Sydney. They have rooms full of the latest high tech beauty and skin care high technology machines. When it comes to machines the last thing they look at is the price. In fact in the last twelve months they purchased ten new machines.

These are not toys or cheap machines.

  1. Picosecond 5 in one machine
  2. Hydro oxygen jet peel
  3. hydro facial machine
  4. 4 in one RF, light and laser
  5. two head EMS machine
  6. hydro facial machine
  7. LED light therapy
  8. Korean hydro facial
  9. multifunction fat cavitation
  10. 980 red vein laser

But without the experts than know how to use them they might as well be paper weights.

Sun age liver spot birthmark freckle removal Sydney laser clinic

Safe effective laser pigmentation treatments Sydney

Removal treatment

At Xara Skin Clinic they have the latest in state of the art picosecond lasers. Why is this important, the faster the shot the more power that can be used without damaging surrounding skin. With means a safer more effective treatment.

IPL pigmentation treatment

Xara Skin Clinic provide Intense Pulsed Light pigmentation treatment. How does it differ? it uses light instead of laser, when a filter is applied to the light. It can provide a more focused treatment.

How does it work?

After a full consultation, where your medical details are looked at and they decide if you are a suitable candidate. This like pregnancy or other conditions may temporally exclude you, better safe than sorry. A test shot is fired and if there is no adverse reaction the treatment starts. A laser is fired at the pigmentation, which breaks up the melena into tiny pieces. The metabolic process lymphatic system removes it from the body. How many treatments are required, really it is a best guess until the treatment is started. It could be one of five to six.

Scope removal in Sydney

Short laser skin treatments

Generally the treatments are quite short depending on the treatment area. They are scheduled three or more weeks apart to give the body time to get rid of the shattered pigmentation.


Xara Skin Clinic do not generally recommend microdermabrasion for pigmentation. I use the word generally here because there maybe cause to use it. But it not a very kind treatment for your skin.

Skin peels

It might be as simple as a chemical peel to get rid of you pigmentation. At Xara's they have many peels including the jet peel and hydro facials, rather than second guess over the internet why not go and see them?

A free consultation

Xara Skin Clinic offer you a complimentary consultation, you can book online or over the phone. This is where you can get an expert to look at your problem and give you advice of the best treatment for you and your skin. You get to ask questions, like will it hurt, what can I expert, when can I see results etc.

Other fantastic treatments

  • laser hair removal
  • skin resurfacing
  • picosecond laser tattoo removal
  • laser treatment acne scar
  • skin treatments for sun exposure and sun damage
  • HIFU skin tightening and double chin sculpting
  • laser hair removal
  • no skin needling
  • LED light therapy
  • removal prices can be found on the online booking system
  • laser skin tightening skin resurfacing
  • and much more

No skin needling, cosmetic injections anti wrinkle injections dermal fillers, why. Because unlike injections dermal they have treatments that fix the problem rather than hide it.

The good news

There are situated near the Sydney CBD and have stacks of mostly three hour free parking. Just put The Canopy in your GPS and Google it. They are right across the road from it, why not make a day of it. There are some fantastic restaurants and cafes right in the centre of Lane Cove. Just across the lane way for Xara's


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