Non-surgical fat removal Sydney HIFU cryolipolysis cool sculpting

Non-surgical fat removal Sydney HIFU cryolipolysis cool sculpting cavitation

Non-surgical fat removal Sydney HIFU cryolipolysis cool sculpting

Xara Skin Clinic is an expert in non-invasive fat treatments. How is that so, you may ask. Removing fat without surgery? No injections, no cuts, just fat reduction without any effort on my part? no sweat, gym, effort? Is it magic? no just science and machines that do work for you. Yes, you relax, and our machines do the hard yards for you. How easy is that?

Benefits of non-surgical

The benefits of the non-surgical fat reduction options are many. The main ones are almost zero risk of infection, no cuts no holes no injections. Everything is done from above the skin. Our treatments are walk-out and only take around an hour. How much fat can you remove in the gym in an hour? My guess is almost none, some fat just doesn’t what to move. That’s where we can help you.

The risk is almost zero and recovery is the same, as for side effects, the most noticeable is less fat.

What do I have to do?

Well make a fat loss booking and turn up. You will need to fill out a form that asks you several medical questions. Are you pregnant, do you have a pacemaker etc, we may ask you to get your doctor’s permission if we are not sure. At Xara Skin Clinic we want the best for our customers, with us the customer’s health is worth more than money.

The fat loss made easy for you

Here are just some of our body contouring stubborn fat loss treatments.

Body sculpturing HIFU is a high-intensity ultrasound that explodes fat cells.

Body contouring uses controlled cooling to kill the fat cells, cryolipolysis is the same as fat freezing.

Body sculpting fat freezing treatment, cool sculpting is the same as cryolipolysis.

Fat cavitation Sydney is a great fat and cellulite removal treatment.

We have more but we don’t want to confuse you, the good news is we offer free fat loss consultations. Where you get to talk to an expert and get advice that’s based on you and what’s best for you.

Fat reduction for unwanted fat

Am I suited for these treatments?

Most people are suited to non-invasive fat treatments. The people that get the best results are generally active people that just can’t shift fat from here or there.

They generally have great results and ask us to help them now and again. Our customers include company owners, doctors, lawyers, vips and more. But what goes on in the clinic stays in the clinic. Loose lips sink ships.

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How can we help you?

We can help you look and feel your best. Let us help you look and feel fantastic.

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BTW there is a health and safety issue with the picture, there should be a wide load sign there.

We offer you a weight loss-free consultation for double chin, love handles, outer thighs, hard-to-shift pockets of fat and more without diet and exercise. We also offer anti-wrinkle skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and more. We do not offer anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers.

Come into Xara Skin Clinic ™ in Lane Cove on the North Shore

Talk to us today about starting your treatment today. For an all-over whole body, experience comes and see us in Lane Cove on the North Shore. Come and relax in our opulent ambience, welcoming staff, the scent of essential oils, calming music, and the soft cool breeze. For world-class, exclusive treatments and products, we are the beauty and skincare experts in Lane Cove on the North Shore.

There are four free Lane Cove Council car parks in the Lane Cove village. Parking should not be a problem. Please visit us. We are, Xara Skin Clinic™ Lane Cove, North Shore access via Birdwood Lane. We are the North Shore’s best secret.

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