Fat cavitation Sydney #1 effective treatment for fat reduction

Fat cavitation Sydney #1 effective treatment for fat reduction

Fat cavitation Sydney #1 effective treatment for fat reduction

The fat removal ultrasound skin tightening is a way to fight fat and cellulite increasingly popular around the world. The incredible thing about Ultrasound Cavitation is its beneficial and painless results, with next to zero side effects and recovery. To find out if this is the treatment that best suits your specific needs, we present below all the essential information about Fat Cavitation in Sydney.

What is cavitation?

Cavitation is a non-invasive medical treatment that uses ultrasound technology to reduce fat cells in specific parts of the body. It is a prevalent method in beauty centres and is recommended for people who want to eliminate cellulite or eliminate fats that do not disappear with diets or exercise.

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It is beneficial for both men and women, feel free to contact Xara Skin Clinic Sydney, where you get the perfect treatment under the professional team. Book a free consultation today.

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It is the preferred option for anyone who does not want to undergo other, more aggressive alternatives such as liposuction since it does not require needles or surgery. Also, the recovery time is short, takes less than an hour and is painless. The session usually develops as a massage with a manual tool that uses

Cavitation treatment

The cavitation treatment especially indicates to remove the fat that has hardened in areas of more significant tendency to accumulate fat.

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Other areas of frequent application are the back, calf or arms. Many women undergo this type of treatment due to the discomfort and low self-esteem caused by excess fat challenging to remove in the areas indicated.

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How does cavitation work?

During a session in non-surgical fat loss, an ultrasound device (similar to that used in pregnancy scanners) is used in the selected area, together with a cream specially designed for this purpose. This device is directed to specific areas of the body with low-frequency sound waves and, in some cases, a kind of light suction is performed.

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This ultrasonic machine transmits concentrated levels of ultrasonic energy by heating and vibrating the layer of fat below the surface of the skin. This process attacks and destroys cells that were used to store fat cell. Finally, the dead cells that have been dissolved are eliminated through the bloodstream. Experts claim that the body processes these fatty acids through its unique waste disposal plant: the lymphatic system.

Ultrasonic cavitation

Due to the vital function of the metabolic system in the success of the treatment, it is advisable to perform a lymphatic massage before the cavitation session. Subsequently, it is recommended to carry out an exercise routine designed to reaffirm the tissues treated with this technique.

To ensure optimal results in the treatment, a professional must evaluate the areas in which you want to apply the treatment to offer focused therapy in the areas of action. You are very fortunate because our service provides you with all the facilities you may need for your fat removal.

In addition to Fat Cavitation Sydney, Xara Skin Clinic offer other similar treatments that address the problems of localized fat and cellulite, such as liposuction without surgery or the combination between press therapy and cavitation, two medications that combined multiply their effects by 10.

Xara Skin Clinic near the Sydney CBD book a free consultation where you get a treatment plan, you can book online or over the phone.

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